CRM Board

The CRM Board of Directors / CRM Agency Officials & Representatives

Division of Coastal Resources Management (DCRM)
Fran Castro, Director
Gualo Rai Center
Telephone Number: (670) 664-8300
Fax Number: (670) 664-8315
Representative: Erin M. Derrington

Division of Environmental Quality (DEQ)
Ray S. Masga, Director
Gualo Rai Center, Suite 101
Telephone No. (670) 664-8500
Fax No. (670) 664-8540
Representative:  Ray Masga

Department of Lands and Natural Resources (DLNR)
Eliceo Cabrera, Acting Secretary
Lower Base, Saipan
Telephone No. (670)322-9834
Fax No. (670) 322-2633
Representative: Gus Kaipat

Department of Public Works (DPW)
James A. Ada, Secretary
Joeten Gualo Rai Building, Saipan
Telephone No. (670) 235-5827/8
Fax No. (670) 234-6346
Representative: Henry Bautista

Commonwealth Utilities Corporation (CUC)
Gary P. Camacho, Executive Director
Joeten Dandan Building, Saipan
Telephone No. (670) 664-6164
Fax No. (670) 664-6169
Representative: Gary P. Camacho

Historic Preservation Office (HPO)
Mertie Kani, Acting Director
Airport Road, Saipan
Telephone No. (670) 664-2120/1
Fax No. (670) 664-2139
Representative: James Pruitt

Department of Commerce
Mark Rabauliman, Secretary
Capital Hill, Saipan
Telephone No. (670) 664-3000/50
Fax No. (670) 664-3067
Representative: David Palacios