CNMI Coral Reef Initiative

The CNMI Coral Reef Initiative (CRI) was founded in 2003 in partnership with NOAA's Coral Reef Conservation Program. The CRI is a cross-agency initiative between the Division of Coastal Resources Management, the Division of Environmental Quality, and the Division of Fish and Wildlife. These agencies work together to protect and preserve CNMI's coral reef ecosystems and ensure responsible management of these resources. This work is achieved through biological monitoring, habitat restoration, research, enforcement, and education and outreach.

For more information on CNMI's Coral Reef Program, click HERE.

CNMI Coral Reef Staff:

Fran Castro, Coral Reef Point of Contact, BECQ-DCRM

Jihan Buniag, Coral Reef Project Coordinator, BECQ-DCRM

Mallory Muna, Coral Reef Education and Outreach Coordinator, BECQ-DCRM

David Benavente, Lead Coral Monitoring Biologist, BECQ-DCRM

Rodney Camacho, Biologist II, BECQ-DCRM

[hiring in process], Marine Technician, BECQ-DCRM

[vacant], Marine Protected Area Coordinator, Division of Fish and Wildlife



Last Updated 11/12/2016