Education and Outreach

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Outreach Efforts

Education and Outreach Program

Education and outreach is an important part of the CRM program. Through the Education and Outreach Program, the agency aims to educate and involve the public in natural resource management.  In order to do so effectively,  CRM works to provide education beyond conventional methods to “reach out” to many different audiences in the community. Our staff members are active participants in many outreach activities throughout Saipan, Tinian, and Rota.

            Summer camps are held on Saipan, Tinian, and Rota.  For more information, please contact the Education and Outreach Coordinator.

Teacher Camp: The Goal of the Teacher Camp is to help raise the awareness of  CNMI educators about coral reefs and the issues affecting them.  In addition, the camp works to provide teachers with the tools necessary to bring this information into the classroom.  The Teacher Camp is funded by the Mariana Island Nature Alliance, and made possible through a partnership with CRM and DEQ.

Outreach materials

The Education component of CRM tries to impart knowledge, instruction, enlightenment, and stewardship towards coastal resource protection and restoration.  Several curricula have been created for CRM to assist teachers in educating students these issues: