The Permitting Process

General Information

If you want to build a house or commercial building, clear land or otherwise develop property in the Commonwealth, you may need a coastal permit.

By law, you must meet with the CRM Office staff before applying for a permit for any project or activity which might affect coastal resources. You must also have written approval of your permit before starting work.

Please review our permitting tips for more information about permit applications or contact the Coastal Resources Management Office for answers to any questions you might have about your project.


Pre-Application Meeting
If you are in the beginning phase of a potential project please contact our office for a pre-application meeting. We will assist you with your planning and help you through the permit review process. If you wish to locate your proposed project on the Island of Saipan or its surrounding waters we encourage you to visit the Saipan Zoning website to learn if your plans are in keeping with the Saipan Zoning Code.
Link to Zoning website