Welcome to the Official Homepage of the Division of Coastal Resources Management (DCRM)

Established on 11 February 1983 by Public Law 3-47 within the Office of the Governor, and reorganized under the Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality (BECQ) under the Governor's Executive Order 2013-24.  The DCRM program was established in order to promote conservation and wise development around our coastal resources.


DCRM has permit forms available online for your convenience.  For specific questions about the permit forms and permitting processes, visit the pages in the "Programs" tab on the top of this page.  Permit applications are available for download under the "Permit Section" tab, and hard copies are available at the BECQ-DCRM offices.


Notices of permit applications, DCRM Board meetings, proposed regulations and job opportunities are advertised for the purview of the public.  DCRM posts all public notices online and publishes paid advertisements in the newspaper.  For "Notices of Application", DCRM Board and public meetings and proposed program changes and regulations visit the "Public Notices" tab, and for job opportunities visit the "Get Involved-Employment" tab.  For Request for Proposals and Invitiations to Bid also visit the "Get Involved-RFP/ITB".

Please join us at the next Agency Board meeting on Monday November 20 at 9:30am at the main conference room of the Office of the Governor. View the full agenda here. If you are unable to attend but would like more information or to submit comments, please call DCRM's permitting section at (670) 664-8300.


DCRM encourages all residents to report any environmental violation immediately.  You can contact us at (670) 588-2926, (670) 664-8300 or (670) 664-8500 or email our Chief Enforcement Officer with information on the violation.  Reports can be made at any time and can be done anonymously. You can also use the Reef Report App to report violations on your mobile device or computer: 

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Learn about permit and enforcement areas in Saipan.  Click here.